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Our Services

  • Architecture

  • Physical Planning

  • Project Management

Every project KTGY carries out takes into account a wide range of criteria – economic, social, environmental, technical and, not least, aesthetic appeal. Our approach involves a combination of practical concern and creative vision.  As such we do not have a “signature” design style, instead capitalizing on the considerable breadth of experience that our Principals have gained, both internationally in the West and locally in Southeast Asia.  We prefer to propose a design style that is most appropriate for each particular project following an analysis and thorough understanding of:

  • market needs

  • the desired character and image that the client wants the development to project

  • the history and culture of the project

  • the compatibility and sensitivity to the setting of the project and its surrounding environment


Our designs aim to fully exploit a complete understanding of the economic and environmental demands that are specific to each individual project. We firmly believe that successful design solutions result from organizing and integrating all the various aspects of a project in such a way that the “whole” exceeds the sum of its “parts”.


Importantly, we believe that our designs deliver proven results in terms of increased marketability, exposure, and enhanced environmental “livability”.

KTGY provides professional consulting services in the fields of Architecture, Physical Planning and Project Management.  Quality control is guaranteed on all phases of every project, small or large, through the involvement of Principals and senior staff.   Their background and experience ensures that clients of the company receive the best possible strategic advice, analysis and relevant documentation.



With 30 years of global experience as architects for major commercial and residential development ventures, KTGY can contribute a special perspective and insight into the unique requirements of every project. In our approach we strongly recognize and are responsive to users’ needs and current market trends and opportunities.


Physical Planning

The KTGY partners combine over 30 years of expertise in architectural planning, comprising the preparation of development strategies; land use plans; site plans; landscape design; feasibility studies; program management. Projects are wide-ranging and have been carried out for both private and public sector clientele, including residential developments, custom homes, golf courses, sports and recreational facilities, commercial centers, office and industrial complexes, hotels, resorts and schools.


Project Management

KTGY schedules and monitors the progress of all phases of each and every project, from initiation to completion. We combine a strong and professional management approach with accurate accounting practices to ensure that the anticipated project goals are achieved in the most cost-effective manner possible.

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