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Our People



Tanitpong Chalermpanth
Chairman/Executive Principal

In 1991, Tanitpong co-founded KTGY and has been directly responsible for inspiring a quality of design that has earned admiration and commendation from both his fellow professionals and the public.


He studied in America where he was awarded his Certificate of Architecture from the California Polytechnic University, before serving for many years as an Associate Director of Design at a major architecture firm in southern California.


Since the inception of KTGY, He has held overall responsibility for the company’s daily operations and has directed the design and development of new projects in Thailand, Bangladesh, Bhutan and India.  He is committed to promoting Thailand’s undoubted talent in architectural design and is an active member of the Association of Siamese Architects.


Sunantapat Chalermpanth

Co-founder of KTGY, Sunantapat practiced architecture in the United States for over 10 years before returning, in 1991, to his native Thailand. His marketing insights and exceptionally high standards in architectural design have earned him great respect both from his clients and from a wider audience in the architectural domain.


Educated from a young age in the USA, He studied at the California Polytechnic University, from where he received his Certificate of Architecture.  He went on to oversee projects that received numerous awards and citations while working as an Associate Director of Design in southern California.


At KTGY, He is responsible for new business development as well as for maintaining business relationships with clients in Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia and the Maldives.


He takes seriously his role in promoting Thailand’s gifted architects and, has been actively involved in the Association of Siamese Architects (ASA).  From 2012 to 2014 served as a Vice President for Foreign Affairs and from 2014-2016 served on the Executive committee of ASA.


Choompol Supakalin

Principal/Director of Custom Residential Design

Choompol joined KTGY in 1991 and was initially responsible for the management of the company’s drafting and production department, overseeing the production of all construction documents for KTGY’s designs.  Prior to this, he worked for the Thai Civil Service and his professional experience there has given him a unique and valuable insight into the importance of public agency coordination in successful project management.


He studied at the renowned Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok from where, in 1987, he was awarded a Bachelor of Architecture degree. He is a registered architect in Thailand and is also a member of the Association of Siamese Architects.


Since 2001, he has assumed the role of Director of Custom Residential Design, a newly created department that specializes in the design of tasteful, yet practical, custom homes for the most discerning of clients. This has proved to be a highly successful venture for the company.


Wisoot Thubthimthed

Principal/Director of Design

Wisoot joined KTGY in 1998, bringing to the company over 15 years of talented experience in architectural design and construction document production.


He was educated in Thailand and earned his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Silpakorn University in Bangkok.  He, also, is a member of the Association of Siamese Architects.


He brings great enthusiasm and expertise to his role and has contributed significantly to the success of many KTGY projects for resorts and hotels, office buildings and numerous commercial and residential developments in Thailand.


In 2005 his contribution to the business was recognized through a promotion to Associate Principal and he now serves as the company’s Design Director.


Songpole Osothsongkroh

Principal/Director of Planning & Landscape Design

Instrumental to the growth of KTGY’s landscape Architecture and Planning Department, Songpole Osothsongkroh oversees all of the site planning, master planning, and landscape architecture services at KTGY INTER-ASSOCIATES, LTD.  His professional background includes design and management positions with a number of leading landscape architecture firms in Thailand.  He is a member of the Thai Association of Landscape Architects and holds a Master of Arts Degree from Colorado State University, USA and Bachelor of Landscape Architecture Degree from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand.


Vatchaneeporn Chalermpanth

Principal/International Project Coordinator

Vatchaneeporn has also been a key member of KTGY since its 1991 start up and holds a number of key roles within the organization.


Educated in the United States, where she was awarded her B.A. in Mathematics from California State University, she later returned to Thailand and joined KTGY.  While working for the company, She continued her education and, in 2001, graduated from East Asia University with an MBA in Finance.


She very ably oversees all aspects of KTGY’s finance management, including the implementation of corporate financial strategies and asset management, and, as well, brings her energy and sharp intellect to project coordination between the company and its international clientele.

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