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Commercial, Mixed-Use

& Institution

Nowadays, the retail mall that we see in every major city throughout Asia is no longer just for shopping. It has now evolved into a “lifestyle center”, not just tailored for the usual retail buying need , but offering a wider and fuller experience for the consumer, embracing leisure, recreation, entertainment, dining, while also providing convenient, wide-ranging services for the daily needs of the public, such as health and beauty clinics, pet care and grooming shops, travel agencies, educational/tutorial centers, laundry and dry cleaning outlets, postal and delivery services, etc.  Often the ambience is enhanced with open-air lush landscapes and pedestrian-friendly designs to promote socialization and relaxation.


KTGY has extensive experience in the design of retail and commercial developments across a broad spectrum of retail malls, neighborhood lifestyle centers and upscale boutique malls, as well as offices and workplaces for commercial and professional businesses.  Our commercial projects include everything from single-tenant corporate headquarters to office towers for multiple tenancy, corporate training facilities, and mixed-use commercial/retail complexes.


We have also been involved with institutional projects, those dedicated to public service or culture, and we are proud to have contributed to designs of projects that enhance Thailand’s image, both at home & abroad. The Royal Thai Embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh and the Industrial Ring Road Museum, Bangkok, showcasing the history of the royal family are, we believe, fine examples of this work.

The Crystal

Bangkok, Thailand

Police Plaza Concord



Bangkok Glass Headquarter

Lumlookka, Phatumthani, Thailand


Leo Stadium Roof Extension

Phatumthani, Thailand

Tive 02-revised resize.jpg

Silverlake Village

Sattahip, Cholburi, Thailand

02_Evening Scene.jpg

BGPU Training Center

Lumlookka, Phatumthani, Thailand

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