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Custom Residences

The custom home, known in some countries as the family mansion, villa, or estate home, specifically designed to meet the needs of one particular family/homeowner, has always symbolized the ideal to which all homeowners aspire.  However, the numbers of these once-exclusive multi-acre family compounds are rapidly dwindling due to affordability and shifting lifestyles.  Now, even the customized home must be designed to fit quarter-acre lots or even less, while striving to retain an image of luxury.  Entry statements with gates, arches, or curved driveways, can be made to project an air of grandeur, while creative landscaping plus maximum use of ever-shrinking lots make efficient site design all-the-more critical.  For some, the smaller size will necessitate expanding the home upwards, to three stories or more, to accommodate all the functions needed.  In many cases, in urban centers such as Bangkok, the traditional family compound, custom tailored for the needs of an extended family, is now organized vertically due to excessive land costs, so that the family compound is transformed into the “family condo”, extending 5 to 8 stories skyward.

Srisakul Residence

Ramkhamhaeng, Bangkok, Thailand

The Retreat Private Resort Home

Khao Yai, Nakornratchasima, Thailand

Supamas Residence

Soi Indhammara, Bangkok, Thailand

Vicha Residence

Thanon Rama IX ,Bangkok, Thailand

Piya Residence

Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand

Siri Residence @ Lakeside Villa

Bangna-Trad, Samutprakarn, Thailand

Rolf & Clare's Family Custom Residence

Sattahip, Cholburi, Thailand


Pawin's Family Custom Residence

Pattakarn, Bangkok

Kongsirikan's Family Custom Residence

Vibhavadi, Bangkok

Kongsirikan' s FCR.jpg
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