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Master Planning

Experts estimate that by 2020, over two-thirds of the people in Asia will be living in urban centers and their ever-expanding suburbs, and as societies continue to shift at increasingly greater rates from rural-oriented systems to urban-centered ones, population pressures will become enormous.


We at KTGY believe that we must encourage “smart” growth that is good for the economy, community, and environment; make our communities more livable; avoid the negative by-products of development – pollution, traffic congestion and the high costs of maintaining the infrastructure. Today we are designing new communities that specifically address the “livability” factors that promote cleaner air, decreased dependency on the automobile, lower housing and maintenance costs, and offer a more laid-back lifestyle.


With proper Master Planning design, KTGY has been able to create, for many new towns and communities outside city centers such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, and Kuala Lumpur, developments that, although large in overall size, are subdivided into more manageable, more compact, pedestrian-friendly, and environmentally-sensitive communities. These avoid the limitless suburban sprawl that has sprouted outside many urban centers in the West, which are wholly dependent on and subservient to the automobile, with massive parking lots, wide roads to accommodate rapid traffic flow and the strict separation of land uses that only result in social isolation.

The Creston Hills Residence

Khao Yai, Nakornratchasima, Thailand


Miracles V

Khao Yai, Nakornratchasima, Thailand


Miracle V_Blue Tower_edited_edited.jpg
Miracles V_Pocket Park_edited.jpg

Delta by Marriott @ Mai Khao Beach

Phuket, Thailand


New Revised BEV-revised.jpg
Overall Hotel Facilities-revised.jpg
Overall Residence Facilities-revised.jpg

Club Med

Krabi, Thailand

NEW BEV revised 11_12_2019.jpg
037_BIRD VIEW_01.jpg
038_BIRD VIEW_02.jpg

Wangjuntr Golf Park

Rayong, Thailand


01_Master plan  Rev 2021-09-06 copy.jpg

Chee Chan Golf Course

Pattaya, Cholburi, Thailand


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