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Multi-Family Residences

Although the typical homebuyer prefers the single family home as his/her initial product of choice, concerns over affordability and an increased demand for the convenience, location, and lifestyle provided by higher-density products, have led to a rise in demand for the single-family-attached and multi-family residences. 


Even when affordability is the primary goal of the developer, livability for the inhabitants must never be overlooked.  For the buildings themselves, condominiums or apartment blocks may be required to accommodate the higher densities. However, by incorporating more "human" components such as balconies, trellises, articulation of rooflines, and varying color schemes or landscape elements, a more residential, livable quality can be achieved.  Within, although individual apartment units may be small, space perceptions can be increased by maximizing the perimeter exterior walls, maximizing glazing and balcony areas to expand views to the outdoors and making interior space seem larger with open/flexible floor plans.


Continued population growth in Asia will undoubtedly increase the demand for higher-density housing.  Changing lifestyles caused by changing demographics, changing economics, and changing technology will demand more innovative design solutions that promote livability yet maintain affordability. 


As Asians with insight into and experience with the various tastes, values, social traditions, and ethnic heritages of diverse Asian cultures, we at KTGY fully understand the needs and desires of the local markets and are ideally situated to combine local precedents with contemporary and innovative housing designs.

The Astro

Chaengwattana, Bangkok, Thailand

Silq Hotel & Residence

Sukhumvit 24, Bangkok, Thailand

construction completion

Riviera II

Jomtien, Pattaya, Thailand



Khao Prathumnak, Pattaya, Thailand


Copacabana Beach Jomtien

Pattaya, Cholburi, Thailand


Copacabana Golf Jomtien

Pattaya, Cholburi, Thailand

new 05.jpg
new 01.jpg
new 02.jpg

Flora Ville Vacation Resort

Pattanakarn, Bangkok, Thailand


Facade Renovation for Prestige Daffodils Pali Hills


Prestige Daffodils_Stage2 Package_Page_09 resize.jpg
Prestige Daffodils_Stage2 Package_Page_05 resize.jpg

Shui Bo Wen Hua Condominium

Khao Pra Thamnuk, Pattaya, Cholburi, Thailand

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